We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a home delivery service of our entire range of beverages!  Please place your orders from the Shop section of the website and our drivers will bring the fresh cold drinks straight to your doorstep!

Shipping Policy

All orders placed before 6pm will be delivered the same day, within 1 hour of placing the order. 

Orders placed after 6pm shall be delivered from 11am the following day.

Orders for delivery are available nationwide in India only.

Cancellation Policy

In case of accidental ordering, you may call us immediately to cancel your order without penalty.  Orders can not be cancelled after your order has been prepared/bottled for delivery which is typically within 15-30 minutes of receiving your order.

Return Policy

All of our products should be refrigerated at all times from the moment you receive them.  Do not store our products in a pantry or anywhere at room temperature. Our products should be consumed before the use by date printed on the bottle and within 3 days of opening the product.

If you receive a product that has conformed to these shelving requirements but is not of the consistent quality that you have come to expect from us, please contact us for a free replacement.

Refund Policy

We do not offer any refunds for products that you have ordered and received, however if you are cancelling an order that you made before it has been bottled for delivery, you may contact us to arrange a refund if you have made payment already.