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We have now started offering home delivery for some of our beverages so you can enjoy them yourself at home!   Please select which drinks you would like delivered below and our trained drivers will bring them to your doorstep!  Our delivery drivers always wear masks and carry hand sanitizer with them for your safety and peace of mind.

Hydrade Electrolyte Powder - Orange

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Our hydrade electrolyte powder is added to water to create a tasty, refreshing, low calorie drink that will leave you feeling hydrated and quench your thirst fast! Made from 5 different electrolytes and with added vitamin C, we also use stevia Reb-A 99% purity sweetener with a small amount of sugar to give you a great tasting healthy alternative to other drinks. One Hydrade electrolyte powder container makes 80 glass servings (250ml) or 20 litres total.

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